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Alt titles: Kimi wa Pet, Tramps Like Us, You're a Pet

You're My Pet
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Oct 17, 2009

When I first read the description I was pretty reluctant to read it. I mean let's face it - single woman finding a bishounen in a cardboard box, and deciding to keep him as her pet sounds like some cheap smut scenario.  But it had "josei" tag,  so I decided to give it a shot (josei and seinen turns out to be at least good, most of the time). And it was damn worth it time.

Story - 8/10

First of all let's clear some things up  - even though the setting is pretty unrealistic, this manga is pretty good at portraying  human emotions. Our main heroine - Sumire is intelligent and succesful reporter, at least on the surface. It appears she is not really good at expressing her emotions to other people. That combine with envy and expectations of surronding people make her really stressed. And here comes "Momo" (human name Takeshi) - younger, talented dancer who agrees to stay with Sumire as her pet. While their relationship seems bizarre it helps them both deal with their issues - Sumire is able to open up and feel at peace when she is with her "pet", while Takeshi can stay around the person he loves without problems.

Even though the story have many serious elements, like Sumire having a fiancee, since she sees "Momo" only as a pet, jealous rivals, ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, family issues, long distance relationship and all the other stuff you could expect in a josei romance, it never really goes for dramatic approach. The story unfolds slowly without any tear-jerking moments (even though it has a potential for some, if the author wanted to take that kind of approach). Sure characters argue, yell and cry, but at the end of a chapter it calms down (most of the time). Even when some major changes appear in the later chapters they just bring "ah, so it finally happened" reaction instead of "wtf, no way, they are stupid" that many romance mangas are using.

The only thing I had to criticize in terms of story is the ending.  Not only it felt slightly rushed, but also it used fantasy elements in a final chapter - which, while being kinda sweet, was completeley unneccessary and out of theme. It kinda felt that author either didn't have a good idea for a last chapter, or tried to be original and it backfired. 

Character - 9/10 

Characters are strong part of this series. There aren't that many of them ( 4 main characters and about a dozen of less important ones) and thanks to that there can be more focus put on them. And they really are human, with both good and bad sides. In the end of the day even the worst manipulative bitch is a character you cannot hate, which is pretty nice achievement ( at least I tend to hate most of the "manipulative bitch" characters I've seen in a different series so far).

Art - 8/10

The art is nice. It's not the best drawing style I've seen, but it managed to create good looking character (as a main ones) and add some average looking around to keep the realism. THe best way to describe it would be "josei like" (ye I know, that sounds lame). Since they had to tell a story about ppl in the twenties instead of the, usual for romances,  high-schoolers the art have to stay a bit more mature. Ugh... sounds like i'm trying to hard to describe it, and it turns into gibberish... Simply put  - I like the drawing style.

Overall - 8/10

Overall this 14 volumes is a nice read - a very cute romance in mature setting.

8/10 story
8/10 art
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Aug 27, 2018

No Spoiler Review.


Tramps Like Us' strength was in how strongly the characters are established in the story. Every major character felt like real people. Usually in shoujo or josei manga/manhwas, the antagonist of the story comes off as very unreal, super-villainy, and straight-up psychopathic just to drive the story along. But with this manga, the "antagonist" felt like an actual human being with their own struggles and character development. The premise, however interesting, can not make me stay as long as this did if it weren't for the characters. They were truly the star of the show.


Sometimes, Sumire's (the main protagonist) struggles go round and round in circles. This can tend to be irritating especially for the impatient and I must admit it has gotten me a bit frustrated with how the protagonist can't seem to get on with facing the problem. However, I'd like to say it was tolerable for me as people do tend to address their problems in this frustratingly circular manner sometimes.

OVERALL: Great characters. Interesting premise that didn't get tiring after a while. Art grows on you.

Would Recommend To: People looking for a strong female lead and a more mature romantic comedy without telenovela like plot twists.

8/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Feb 1, 2013

Absolutely loved this series!  I picked it up after one of my best friends had started reading it and was getting rid of her copies.  I thought it would just be something to pass the time, nothing that I would really commit to, but I ended up loving it.  The premise is kind of goofy, but it ends up working into a beautifully-crafted storyline.  I really connected with Sumire, who was so well-developed and dimensional.  I loved seeing her awkwardness, and that contrast between her being shy and attempting to be girly for the man she loves, and her true, real nature of being tough and liking to just kick back and be comfortable. 

Momo at first seems like a goofy sort of character.  The degree to which he plays along with being Sumire's pet can get a little silly, and would have probably lost my interest if it weren't for the fact that he, too, is a fully developed character.  I love that he has his own life that Sumire isn't aware of for a while.  I loved watching him change as he began to develop and try to deal with his feelings.

Hasumi is also a great character.  It's interesting seeing the awkwardness of him trying to have a relationship with Sumire while she tries to be the woman she thinks he wants.  But he's not some cardboard character who is trying to change Sumire.  Hasumi himself is a good guy, and although the reader sees everything primarily from Sumire's perspective, you can see that he struggles with the relationship, too.

I have mixed feelings about the ending, though I did sort of bawl my eyes out in the middle of the bookstore when I read it. 

I would recommend this series to older readers, as it can get a little mature.  As an adult reader, I personally loved that this was about adults and not students.  It was great to be able to connect with the characters.

9/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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May 8, 2017

Kimi Wa Petto was surprisingly entertaining for me. The length was just right to allow the story to transition smoothly, show character development, and keep the audience invested.


The plot was quite interesting. Iwaya is an independent and strong woman who can only be vulnerable with Momo, a guy she found and somehow reminded her to her beloved dog so she allows him to stay under her care under the premise that he is a pet rather than a roommate or a love interest. Being a dog-lover myself I can say the premise resonated with me for this reason.  The pace of the story felt very natural, not too fast to leave the audience wondering how realistic each event could be, and not too slow to bore us to tears. Towards the end of the manga a very nice change in the story takes place which changes the direction of the story. The transition was done so well that it really made me feel part of the story. It showed personal growth and touched upon difficult subjects such as confusion over one’s true desires, acceptance, friendship, and of course love. The ending was beautiful.


I have not read that many mangas so I am no expert but I found the art to be very beautiful. The color surprised me because that was not how I had imagined the colors to play out in my mind but they worked out well regardless. I wasnt' particulalry awed with the art but I still found it to be pleasant to the eye.


I could identify with Iwaya so much that I fell in love with her right off the bat. Not many manga or anime portrays women like her as the main character so I very much enjoyed her qualities play out through the story as it showed the contrast between her strengths and weakness in a very realistic way.

Momo turned out to be quite mature for his age. He masked this well with his easy-goingness and forever loyal attitude towards Iwaya. I loved his transition from his pet to a man towards the later part of the manga and the sheer passion in pursuing his dreams with such determination.

Other favorites characters of mine included Iwaya’s best friend Yuri and love interest Hasumi. It goes to show what true friendship is about and how difficult and complex love can be as well as the damage the expectations from society can have in oneself.

On the other hand, there were quite a but of secondary charachers whose stories were later developed but I did not particularly care for like Iwaya's American co-workers. I felt the time could have better used exploring the struggles of our main couple in more depth.


I found the story to be very enjoyable for anyone who likes a good romantic story. The story is realistic in the sense that we see the transitions from point A to B in a progressive and "credible" way. There is some drama but nothing too repetitive, overdone, or expected. If you are a helpless romantic this one is definitely a good one to read!

10/10 story
8/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Dec 13, 2010

I swear I remembering writing this right after I finished reading it but it's not here. So strange. I'll try to do my best to rewrite it but it's been a while.

Story: While I was finishing another manga series, I stumbled upon this one on one of those ads. I liked the cover and the plot sounded interesting. I thought it would be one of those guilty pleasures. The kinds that you like for some reason but don't like telling others about. This one surprised me and I found myself really liking and quickly becoming addicted. I was rooting for them the entire time and, even though I was annoyed at times, I still didn't want to drop. I basically finished it within two days which shows how addicting it was. It's a nice mixture of drama, comedy and romance. The ending felt a bit rushed and little over the top. I wish that development had come soon but I have to be vague in order to avoid spoilers. I did like the ending but I felt that it could have been done much better.

Art: It was nice for the most part. It looked average but it was never ugly. The characters look nice but they weren't completely memorable to me. The art kind of blends in with other works so after a while I probably won't remember exactly how they look like but they did look cute. Emotions were nicely done. Not amazing but still nice.

Characters: Interesting group of characters. They all have their flaws but they feel very human with relate-able desires. I could feel myself sympathizing instead of just being annoyed and thinking that they were stupid. I did feel for them even though they didn't make the greatest decisions at time. The change in perspectives was also nice. They were well developed and the two main characters were likable. The rest were nice but I didn't like them as much as Sumire and Momo.

Overall: Good and addicting romantic comedy with a sweet ending.

7.5/10 story
7/10 art
7.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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