Your Wish Is My Command! (Sagold)

Alt title: Sowoneul Malhaebwa!

Ch: 45+
2020 - ?
3.92 out of 5 from 413 votes
Rank #7,313
Your Wish Is My Command! (Sagold)

What do you when you have a burning crush, but can’t work up the nerve to tell him? Buy a nice dildo and dream about making sweet, sweet love, of course. However, Chiwoo’s plan takes a turn when he finds his toy comes with a special offer: fight monsters with the magic dildo to make your wish come true! Chiwoo will do anything to get closer to his crush, but the monsters he must battle are quite...nasty. Can Chiwoo protect his crush from danger, and save his first time for the one he wants?!

Source: Lezhin

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