Your Romance

Alt title: Dangsinui Romance

Ch: 50
2019 - 2020
3.768 out of 5 from 87 votes
Rank #9,687
Your Romance

As a closeted gay man, Gyulwoo is 28 and single. He has a decent job but he’s lacking in the love department, too terrified to come out and ruin his career or reputation. Ready to live the rest of his life hiding his feelings, Gyulwoo is shocked when Hojun, his old friend from high school, appears. In the past, Hojun had revealed he loved Gyulwoo but Gyulwoo wasn’t ready to accept his love. Decades later, will Gyulwoo keep their romance secret or will he finally share his heart with Hojun and the world?

Source: Tapas

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Time, money, stamina, and courage, these are things you need if you're to survive as an adult in society; especially when you're living in a heteronormative one. It has a bit of that coming-of-age feel I dun really know how to word it, aside from the theme concerning homophobia which is pretty common in BLs it also depicts a toxic work environment where the hierarchy within it directly influences how much authority you hold. You have NO human rights if you're below an ass superior. Once you've reached that age where all you could think about is work, work, AND work (giving in to corporate slavery) you really have no time for a stable relationship outside of working. Hence the aforementioned requirements if you desire a normal life. It sorta paints how scary adulthood can be, but that's life for ya, the angst never ends my friend.  Gyunwool has to deal with his superior's crap besides staying firmly hidden in the closet coz almost everyone around him are pushy homophobic jerks. His fear will give you anxiety y'all I ain't joking. When you're in said environment it'll be tough if you're outed by these shitty coworkers. The fear is relatable is what I'm saying. Moreover, Doyun, Gyunwool's colleague/friend also suffers from the pushiness of these annoying coworkers. He's partially in the closet (he has a bf) the thing is he's the type to place work over his partner so that's how his relationship falls apart... his partner as well.  Shit is depressing but I can assure you it gets better as the story goes on. Everyone gets a happy ending except for Doyun. There's one character near Yeonwoo (Gyunwool's sis) at the end that looks like Doyun & he seems to be smiling so he's coping well I guess?? Anyways if you can't handle angst then this isn't for u, but for a BL read it managed to include some realistic themes so y'all can still give it a go if u want to. It comes down to what stage of life you're in to consume depressing content.

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