Your Prince Isn’t Sick!

Ch: 57
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Your Prince Isn’t Sick!

Liu Ling, the forgotten prince of the Dai kingdom, had spent his whole life in the cold palace. But one day, he suddenly opened the “heaven’s eye”, and saw a group of supernatural beings from the modern age! They even foretold his coronation as emperor! Everyone thought he was mad, but the “unlucky concubines”, who were also locked up in the cold palace, believed in him. They saw in him the sign of the next emperor, the “madness of royalty.” They taught him how to read, how to use martial arts, how to defend himself, and how to contend with the others. They taught him how to take the throne. But what Liu Ling wanted wasn’t power, riches, or glory, but rather virtue. All for the sake of seeing a certain deity “Yao Ji” again…

Source: Wutopia Comics

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