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Ch: 10
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Your Letter

Sori is a special young girl - kind, caring and principled well beyond her years. Unfortunately, these are NOT the personality traits generally celebrated in middle school – especially Sori’s, where she’s bullied mercilessly for defending the defenseless until she herself becomes a target. To escape, she transfers to a new school where the same old problems begin to play out all over again – that is until a mysterious trail of letters leads Sori on a magical scavenger hunt through the hidden world that exists right below the surface of her new middle school. The mail trail is the work an anonymous guardian angel, whose mission seems to be to provide a soft landing for Sori at her new school. But who is this person? And why did he choose her? With each letter, secrets are revealed and bonds are formed - as Sori learns about friendship, flora, fauna and finding the good in people in this strange new environment.

Source: Webtoon

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Lucysky May 2, 2019
Score 8.5/10

First of all this is a great comic. Both the story and art are simply beautiful. I found the idea of following this trail of letters intriguing and heartwarming as you watch more about these characters get revealed in the process while the story around them is thought provoking and touching and the art alone is something I could look at for hours. The characters were well done and in my belief rather... read more

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QUP Apr 24, 2019
Score 8/10

It was very heart warming when I read it, The art is beautiful and and it felt like a real life problem that might occur to someone out there. The charater was very realistic, ONE of them remind me of MY FRIEND!, But anyway it's good for all age and for the whole family too, but I am a little bittersweet that it finished at the 10 chapter an it was short, BUT STILL It melted my heart <3 read more



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