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Alt titles: Boku to Kanojo no XXX, My Barbaric Girlfriend

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Jul 9, 2019

I will be using panels from the manga to avoid writing an essay. Spoilers, but if you knew what this manga was like, you wouldn't want to waste your time reading it anyway.

Do you like homophobia? Do you like forced gender roles and sexism? Do you like evil, abusive characters never getting what they deserve? Do you like borderline rapists? Well this is the manga for you!

For real, don't read this. I read this 4 times despite how much I hate it, hoping to find a redeemable quality. I didn't.

Synopsis: A girl named Momoi and a guy named Uehara switch bodies. It's not fun.

this becomes less and less of a joke throughout the series.

Note to self; if I ever become an older brother, it is my god-given right to abuse my siblings because I have the male reproductive organ.

She was just begging to be saved by her abuser and now she looks up to him and thinks he's hot? Cool. I love incest and stockholm syndrome.
Sexism. It's funny, especially when it isn't a joke and this constantly happens for the 57 chapter hell that this manga is.

And everyone loves it. 

Look at this. Imagine everyone hating you all because you aren't what they want you to be. It's fine, even praised, if a guy is assertive and tough, but not if you're a girl. If you're a girl, you're only allowed to be submissive and cute, but if you're a guy, you will be shunned by everyone you thought loved you.

This manga is garbage disguised as comedy. This moment wasn't even played off as comedy.

Shiina is Momoi's BFF, who is constantly mistreated by her. She dates Shiina in Uehara's body, and cheats on her.

Then near the end.....

The characters don't suffer any dysphoria or even want to be trans, they only want to switch back because they don't want to be gay. Sure, maybe gay marriage wasn't approved, but being accepted for something harmful and ignorant is a bigger crime than not fitting in. They only want to switch back because they think they have to, because "I can't do that, I'm a guy/girl." 

There's also justification of cheating. Lot's of it.

Moments like these make me wish he had snapped, it'd be a better way to end the story. School Days it my guy.

No you don't. Not in this manga. Even if you did, Sebongi, this guy, wouldn't care. You're a woman now, you're supposed to like rapey assertive men.

Overall, the switch back. No one actually loved each other, and no one were actually their friend. They only love their body.

Granted, I have no idea what the inspiration was for the author to create this. It could be an ethical reason, but regardless, this manga is entirely in poor taste, that even if the manga author did believe that it was fine for a boy to be girly and a girl to be manly, it doesn't change the fact that this manga is still complete garbage.

You aren't just a gender, sex, race, or bag of flesh. Don't be certain way just because someone says you have to. Don't be a certain way just because of the culture around you. If you don't want to lose friends or family because they won't like who you truly are, they never cared about you anyway. The body you were born in was not a mistake. The person you are was not a mistake.

You are not a mistake.

1/10 story
1/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall