Your & My Secret

Alt titles: Boku to Kanojo no XXX, My Barbaric Girlfriend

Vol: 8; Ch: 57
2002 - 2011
3.429 out of 5 from 401 votes
Rank #10,345
Your & My Secret

Akira Uehara is feminine and sensitive, while Nanako Momoi is violent, chaotic and manly; but he has a crush on her anyways. One day Uehara is sent to Momoi's house to bring her some missed homework, and thus his life changes forever. For Momoi's grandfather needs someone to test out on his new invention, and since Uehara has arrived, he decides to use him instead of Momoi! However, by accident, Momoi's grandfather activates the machine when both teens are still inside. No one is hurt, but there's one unfortunate side effect: they've switched bodies!

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deadwoodday Jul 9, 2019
Score 1/10

I will be using panels from the manga to avoid writing an essay. Spoilers, but if you knew what this manga was like, you wouldn't want to waste your time reading it anyway.

Do you like homophobia? Do you like forced gender roles and sexism? Do you like evil, abusive characters never getting what they deserve? Do you like borderline rapists? Well this is the manga for you!

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