Young Boss

Alt title: Eorin Sangsa

Ch: 113
2019 - 2021
4.394 out of 5 from 290 votes
Rank #2,043
Young Boss

Seung-ho is dating a sweetheart, Min-ha but he’s getting tired of her childish behavior. After getting a job followed by a long hiatus, he meets an attractive and talented young boss. He starts to struggle in between his boss and her girlfriend.

Source: Toptoon

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Well at begining its starts quite good u have story with some s*x on top of it but later on well... and for that its best to seprate this review of the story into 3 parts 1. is frome begining till MC sleeps with his boss then comes second part baiscly until ex gf comes back and then ending part. 1. part. As i said earlyer yes i liked first part story was quite good and it did great setup for characters in future. But i have to say this is still office pornhwa and for that the plot is kinda simullar to others and thats goes for this and second part. So yeap there is blackmailing luckly story isnt base around it that much and it kinda makes story a little more interesting. But what this part is realy focused on are relationships between MC and his GF and then his boss. And i think its very well done at first how you can see that his gf kinda is a goldigger but MC loves her and cant that easly leaves her and baisicly whole first part is about that its realy good and i would rate it 9/10(this is important cose later i count all of the parts together and that will be final story score.) 2. part of the story and here things go downhill. Its like autor gave up on story and wanned to do hentai insted. Now that MC is with his boss its just fck here fck there what ever happens lets just fck. New gf make a step lets fck she inhale lets fkc she exhale lets fck... This whole part was boring i would not have problem here if they relationship was moving but the whole time it felt like they are jsut fckbuddys. In this part there is a little of story and yet its done quite well (solving blackmailing). but untile u get there you already detached from story since its like 20 chapters of fcking... 5/10 3. part and final part is jsut dissapointment you have all these interesting characters but after you finish story you realize that they were berarly used. And whole part of ex gf going back to MC was realy forced and could be done better and that near breakup with his new gf was forced and kinda strupid itself as well, yet ending was kinda hearthwarming i would say and streached a lot cose i had feeling this will end now but it still capt going on and on. 6/10 Overall story part 2 and 3 could be saved at least for me that part 3 would start at the same time as part 2 so MC would have 2 problems at once and he would be put into corner and had to deal with it sadly thats not the case here and everything goes smoothly for most of the time. Also fight of his ex gf could be done slower and made her use her brain but nah it was solved in one night. As for art its decent but i had issues here first MC looked like from some other manwha and second he was becoming ripped  way too fast and by end of the story he had biggersholders then head in one panel XDDD(just funny)  As for characters MC his gf and ex gf were done great but everyone went into forgoten realm there. Thankfully autor didnt make MC total idiot and didnt go that big PP way even though at the begining it was like he is going to. Sadly there was not much to his gf cose as i said in part 2 they were just fckbuddys.

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