Youchi na Kou wo Doushiyou

Alt title: What to do With a Childish Love?

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
2016 - 2017
3.95 out of 5 from 106 votes
Rank #3,965
Youchi na Kou wo Doushiyou

Haruto Sakurano is a lonely boy who has been surviving on his own since his mother abandoned him. Unable to defend himself from sexual assault and constantly discriminated against for being an Omega, Haruto begins prostituting himself to save money to move out of town. Then one day he meets a transfer student named Takagi whose calm, non-judgemental nature slowly begins filling the void in his heart. Haruto's fear and self-loathing keep him from expressing the love he feels, but Takagi's gentle care and persistence brings them emotionally - and physically - closer together. Warmth and tenderness begin to replace Haruto's pain and loneliness, but how can Takagi convince him that he truly is worthy of being loved?

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AnnaSartin Oct 12, 2018
Score 10/10

This was my very first omegaverse manga, and after reading a great many more it remains my favorite for a number of reasons. The characters are loveable, their relationship is actually consensual, the sex is hot, and the drama doesn't stretch on for too long. Basically, it avoids a few of the most common tropes that the ABO sub-genre is known for and presents a sweet story of two boys falling in love. It also... read more



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