You Are My All

Vol: 1; Ch: 7
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You Are My All

The delinquent Kusunoki admires one person - and that is an upperclassman from another school who saved him while he was being beat up; brimming with manliness (but physically small) - Hayato-san. Though large in both body and attitude, Kusunoki is completely submissive to Hayato. He becomes Hayato's underling and escorts him to and back from school, cooks him lunch, and thinks of Hayato all the time when they can't meet. Kusunoki realizes that his feelings are of love through his friend's remarks. Just being subservient to him is not enough, but he wants to do more with the cute and cool Hayato-san...However, his confessions are always being disturbed by Hayato's nasty friend, Misao, and Hayato himself, who is very simple-minded and pure...

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