Yokohama-sen Doppelgänger

Alt title: Yokohama-sen Doppelganger

Vol: 4; Ch: 38
3.794 out of 5 from 16 votes
Rank #12,624
Yokohama-sen Doppelgänger

Kenzaki Makoto, a debuting sculptor, was arrested as the serial killer of the Yokohama Line series of murders. He insisted that he was innocent but was sentenced to the death penalty. He was executed 11 years after the crime. But when he reopened his eyes, by a twist of fate, he had returned to 11 years ago, 25 days before the crime was committed. Burning with the desire for revenge against the real murderer, Kenzaki begins to take action. The only one he can trust is HIMSELF. The crime suspense story of two selves fighting against fate unfolds.

Source: MU

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