Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

Alt title: Yokohama Shopping Trip

Vol: 14; Ch: 140
1994 - 2006
4.454 out of 5 from 488 votes
Rank #335
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

In a futuristic Japan, the waters have risen and the population has declined; everything is slowly winding down. In this quiet and reflective time, Alpha, a robot, cares for her owner's cafe in his absence. As Alpha lives her serene and peaceful life, interacting with humans and robots alike, the gentle twilight years of humanity are unveiled.

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JaJl's avatar
JaJl Mar 15, 2019
Score 6/10

Yokohama Kaidashi kikou es un manga que es facil de enganchar si tienes estrés y buscas tranquilizarte. Va sobre un futuro de carácter consernista donde el nivel del agua ha crecido y varias ciudades terminan por ser abandonadas, a la vez que existen inteligencias artificiales indistinguibles de los seres humanos en todo sentido. Que la premisa no te sorprenda. No pienses que habrá alguna... read more

RingoStarr1991's avatar
RingoStarr1991 Aug 15, 2011
Score 8.3/10

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is a very carefree, slice of life manga like Aria (could be mistaken but I am pretty sure they are both done by the same author). It simply follows the life of a Robot as she stays the same but time and everything around her changes. She doesn't age but all her friends go older and change in both apperance and personality. It has a feeling of melancholy but is filled with happiness as... read more

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