Yokan - Premonition: Noise

Alt title: Yokan EX Noise

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
3.489 out of 5 from 85 votes
Rank #28,532
Yokan - Premonition: Noise

Akira is a lead vocalist of a popular band called CHARON. Hiroya Sunaga was a singer once before but he left the music scene to pursue acting career. But he realizes that his first love is music. He makes a decision to abandon his acting career and comes back to music business and joins a legendary band called NUNE as a lead vocalist. Akira and Hiroya are rivalry-friends. They love each other and they respect each other but rivalries always seem to get in their way. They are trying to make this relationship work but can they put their ego and talent aside?

Source: June

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