Yasashisa Ippai no Tsuchi no Ue de

Alt title: On the Earth Full of Kindness

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
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Yasashisa Ippai no Tsuchi no Ue de

Nana was raised by robots, and is now a research student living with Hachitsu, a gifted scientist also raised by robots. One day, Hachitsu collapses from a disease. In order to gain the time to develop a cure to save him, Nana proposes they place him in cold sleep. Hachitsu goes to sleep, leaving behind the clones that he created to help Nana. When he wakes up decades later, Hachitsu finds Nana grown into an old lady and yet more clones. Hachitsu is saved by a surgery, but the elderly Nana seems to be nearing the end of her days. While Hachitsu slept, a war had broken out and devastated the world, and robots and AI who had been turned into weapons had started hating humanity. Nana devoted the rest of her life to creating robots to clean up the earth. She had a dream that humans and AI would be able to reconcile. As she lay on her sickbed, Hachitsu and the clones vowed to carry on her dying wish...

Source: MU

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