Yarichin Bitch Club

Alt title: Yarichin Bitch Bu

Vol: 3+; Ch: 16+
2012 - ?
4.013 out of 5 from 496 votes
Rank #3,712
Yarichin Bitch Club

Freshmen Toono moves to Tokyo in order to transfer to an all-male-academy, surrounded by the mountains. Yaguchi is the first one to befriend him, but the lack of interest in sports coming from Toono, forces him to join the photography club instead of the soccer club with Yaguchi. Not only is it called the photography club, but also “The Yarichin Bitch club”, whose members are outstanding senpaiss. Besides Toono, there’s also a new member in the club: Kashima-senpai. They both started the same day, and they don’t seem to have any problem at all, even when Toono gets confessed to in the club! Toono thinks that Yaguchi is adorable, but he always ends up blushing whenever Kashima is near. But above anything else, there are feelings found between the senpais…

Source: MU

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derkaczchiks Jan 31, 2016
Score 9/10

This manga is for sure a yaoi type, very refreshing. We can feel the pressure on the main character and that's what we like in yaoi. We meet many different type of guys and different type of personality. It include sexual content, they like to play a lot, but also a mature double sens. I don't know if the story will become more specific for each guy or if it will stay the story of the main character, but for... read more

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