Yancha ka!: Yankee, Wana ni Hamaru

Vol: 1; Ch: 7
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Yancha ka!: Yankee, Wana ni Hamaru

Kudo, a young, cute, cultured, sporty guy joins a school that is known to be "full of Yankees," simply because it was right next to his house. At the end of the welcome ceremony he was cornered by a group of these Yankees, that's when the strongest student of the whole school, Taiga Kishimoto, appears, who soon makes them disappear in a single blow! He has an extravagant appearance with his blond hair and piercings, Taiga asks Kudo, with a big smile, to look for him if he gets back to problems. This strange alliance of charm and strength does not cease to disturb the last...

Source: MU

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