Yamamoto Mimikaki-Ten

Alt title: Yamamoto Ear Cleaning Shop

One Shot
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Yamamoto Mimikaki-Ten

After seeing his great grandfather have his ears cleaned on his deathbed, a young boy named Toru becomes obsessed with getting the same woman to give his own ears a spring clean. Then one day at a fireworks festival, Toru encounters the same woman and buys one of the handmade ear cleaners that she’s selling. He quickly grows excessively attached to it, even naming the implement Suzunosuke. But when his teacher accidentally breaks Suzunosuke, Toru falls into despair, and only the mysterious woman at the ear cleaning shop can ease his suffering…

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chii Nov 29, 2010
Score 9/10

This one shot was sent to me by my dear friend NimirRa on a day when I really REALLY needed some cheering up. When I clicked on the link I saw the english title Yamamoto Ear Cleaning Shop. Right away I knew I was going to fall in love with this delightful short. Ear cleaning is a very important thing to me that I take quite seriously at times. Sometimes... read more



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