Xixi Romance

Ch: 60
2018 - 2019
4.063 out of 5 from 95 votes
Rank #3,679
Xixi Romance

Su Yanxi didn't think that one day she would marry the Demon CEO Gu Xicheng in place of her elder sister. But what has been done is done. "Just make him fall in love with me after the marriage!"

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If you're looking for a new and interesting romance series to try, Xixi Romance is not it. The story is about an arranged marriage where a poor girl is married to a rich CEO (because she was blackmailed) and the drama that unfolds afterwards . Every predictable plot point is used, and it doesn't really bring anything interesting to the genre. Avoid unless you're looking for generic romance to waste time on. Story The story follows Yanxi, who is blackmailed by Jinxi to take her place (and identity, while the real Jinxi leaves the country) and marry the rich and cold CEO, Xicheng. It's an arranged marriage for bussiness, so Yanxi (as Jinxi) moves in with Xicheng, and the newlyweds do not get along. From then on they run through every predictable plot point possible. Ex-lovers appearing, family drama, misunderstandings about cheating, people trying to get them apart/seperate them, etc. Yanxi is also constantly being rescused by Xicheng, as an excuse for lazy writing. The writer used this to advance their relationship, instead of the couple ever actually having a normal conversation. Yanxi gets bullied by coworkers? Xicheng saves her. Yanxi gets gets attacked by men? Xicheng saves her (with a bonus scene of Xicheng's friend also saving her a seperate time). Jealous ex-girlfriend? Xicheng saves her. She just comes to the conclusion that he's a nice guy because he doesn't allow her to get hurt. Which describes most decent men, but in her case it must mean he loves her. I guess? Overall, their relationship forms at an awkward rate as he is originally described as cruel and cold, but the writer goes back and forth between remembering this and forgetting it. Art Overall, it didn't seem consistant to me. Some parts looked nice, some looked off. I can't really go into detail because I'm not a good judge of art. Characters The female lead is a bland girl without dreams or aspirations, she is just going along with the blackmail, and spends most of her time getting rescused or misunderstanding situations. The cold CEO with the hidden caring side is oddly inconsistant in his behaviour, and its distracting in many scenes. All of the secondary and minor characters aren't given any background info, so they only serve small plot-advancing purposes. They completely disappear when they're not needed. Overall Overall, I would not recommend Xixi Romance. It's an overly simple romance with no redeeming qualities, an awkwardly paced plot, and characters whose personalities and motives change per scene. If you're looking for a good romance, something like Fruits Basket would be a much better use of your time.

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