Xian Ni

Alt title: Renegade Immortal

Ch: 167
3.648 out of 5 from 604 votes
Rank #21,294
Xian Ni

Saints, the most formidable beings under the Heavens. Follow Wang Lin as he entered one of the elite sects: Heng Yue Sect and work his way toward to become a Saint.

Source: MU

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What makes a great story? Powerful MC? Interesting characters? Good plot? Not necessarily. What makes a good story for me is the writing. You can have an OP mc, interesting side characters and decent plot but the execution is done poorly which downgrade the overall quality of the content. Frankly when I started reading this manhua I couldn't believe how good it was. Like the mc had the best character development I've read in a while. He had the essence of what we call a true hero. The way he fought against his own fate and started at the bottom of the bottom made his journey all the more interesting. We could see how his psyche and motivation slowly evolved and his character arc gets completed. That is for the first few dozen chapters. After, well, you know manhua stories... it got just crazy all of a sudden and from that point forward the focus of the story completely changed. New characters, new enemies, MC getting stronger without a specific goal. We just went from a little mc trying his best to enter a sect and work his way up to someone traveling across the world and dimensions and having lived for hundreds of years. I know the real problem with manhua. The authors don't have a clear idea of what they are doing. It's not like the westernized (Tokien or R. Martin) style story where the whole story is laid out properly and each character has a file and everything is connected and make sense as a whole. Manhua are taken from novels, usually webnovels, and those artist write on the daily. That means that they just follow whatever inspiration they have and keep writing because of the way the story is delivered. They don't take 5 years of proper research and world building, they do it on the go with whataever resources they can find. This makes for a messy story with hundreds of new characters added and also explains why you have MC starting at point A and being at point F in just 20 chapters. Author will create big event to just get the mc move places and creates new storylines while abandoning previous ones. I've never read a novel who started with a plot and ended with the same plot.This manhua suffer from the same fate. A good start and now I don't know. I'll still continue to read but I lowered my initial score to a 2 stars now.

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