Alt title: X

Vol: 18; Ch: 158
1992 - 2003
4.175 out of 5 from 729 votes
Rank #2,159

In the year 1999, Tokyo has become a battleground as the Seven Dragons of Earth and the Seven Dragons of Heaven fight to determine the fate of the world. The one with the power to decide which way the battle will go is a youth named Kamui Shirou. Will he join the Dragons of Earth and preserve the planet by ending human life, or become a Dragon of Heaven and protect humanity from ruin? The fate of all mankind lies on Kamui's unwilling shoulders as both sides clash to gain dominance. The Dragons on both sides are individuals gifted with superpowers and fated to participate in this final battle, but what end will Kamui choose?

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bollier Nov 8, 2010
Score 9/10

X/1999 is one of CLAMP's earlier manga, and is not one to be missed.  This series is by far one of my personal favorites, and definitely is sure to please both fans of Shonen and Shoujo alike.STORY: 8/10The story itself is relatively simple:  The main character (Kamui) is destined to determine the fate of the planet.  He must choose either to side with the Dragons of Heaven, who aim to save... read more

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