World End no Arukikata (Light Novel)

Alt title: World-End-Trotter Explore Guidebook (Light Novel)

Vol: 2+
2019 - ?
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World End no Arukikata (Light Novel)

Come, let us make a map. In order to retrieve the world—. To survive, a “map” is essential beyond all. To indicate the safe areas, as well as to log the locations where monsters known as “Misaki” reside. Waking up at the “Academy”, I go out to explore the world with my comrades again as usual. By stepping foot in unknown lands and defeating the Misaki, I contribute to the “Academy”. That is my everyday life. While dreaming of entering the colossal building on the horizon, Mihashira one day, I came to meet a girl who speaks of the irregularity of the world…


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