Work, Fight and Love

Alt title: Ilhago Ssaugo Salanghala

Ch: 66
4.233 out of 5 from 220 votes
Rank #2,492
Work, Fight and Love

Soohan likes his uneventful days working at a small ad agency. But when new guy Taeyeol from a big-shot ad firm joins the team, all his quirks gets on Soohan’s nerves – most especially the undeniably good looks that remind him of his first love… 

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Office love story? With drama? Yes! This is it! (I'm srry i'm just a sucker for drama 😔) i'll give u the overall starting plot now.. just w minor spoilers : The story started with our MC Soohan who is head over heels with his boss.. and it looks like the boss likes him too. But because of some circumstances they can't disclose their relationship to the public. (and so, our mc is kinda like a mistress. Yea, nice start huh) anddd then the boss' bestfriend showed up. Our cool taeyeol 😎. And blablabla the story goes on and they now need to live together. Oh, and soohan broke up w the boss. (and the drama starts hahah) As you can see from the overall plot, the story is.. y'know, full of drama. But no! It's not a bad drama, and you'll get what i mean if you read it yourself. And.. as the story goes, you can see the chemistry between our MLs is growing (avv ❤️❤️) and i like the story more as it's nearing the ending. Sometimes i feel it's roo rushed, but it's okay. At least the ending is satisfying. If u saw the ending, you know that Hajin Yoo has planned the story nicely from the start to the end (and i really appreciate that 😌). As for the art, hajin yoo's style is not really what i like :( so the score that i gave is purely subjective from my perspective. The characters.. i think that the characters are well thought out (Just like in k-dramas hohoh). Every one of their actions described the characters perfectly, and every one of them has their charms. (even the boss' wife is really well thought out!) To put it simply, all of the characters are just so madly in love with their crush. And you can see how each one of the love their crush differently, and i like that :3. Should you read this? I recommend this manhwa for people who's searching for : yaoi w office love story and some drama! And don't forget the love triangle :3

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