Work, Fight and Love

Alt title: Ilhago Ssaugo Salanghala

Ch: 66
2015 - 2017
4.321 out of 5 from 289 votes
Rank #3,184
Work, Fight and Love

Soohan likes his uneventful days working at a small ad agency. But when new guy Taeyeol from a big-shot ad firm joins the team, all his quirks gets on Soohan’s nerves – most especially the undeniably good looks that remind him of his first love… 

Source: TappyToon

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Of all the BLs I've read that portrays a gay miraculously bending a straight guy this one handles it the best! Both Taeyul and Soohan are total hopeless romantics which makes them VERY compatible, tho sadly Taeyul didn't think it's possible at first since he can only be into women, well screw that conventional thought he said coz sooner he's all open arms to a grief-stricken Soohan who just broke up with Sunjoon. He realised he can get hard for Soohan a certified gay dude so he already embraced the fact that he can swing it in any direction as long as compatibility calls forth!  Sunjoon was the "sugar daddy" boyfriend of Soohan whom you'll feel sorry for regardless of him being the other partner in the beginning, this dude really cherished Soohan and did all he could to protect him at the cost of his happiness. Due to his family's rich ppl issues he was forced to go abroad and leave Soohan behind at the company they both got into. Soohan was devastated of course which was where Taeyul came in to both fill in that gap & get his straightness bent.  It's a story where you wouldn't mind if the MC ends up with either dudes since Sunjoon is such a nice fella. Taeyul & Soohan's dynamics resemble the pair from "Totally captivated" a lot, the author has a thing for tsundere ukes and obsessive semes, who tease their partners with names like "Fox jung" for Ewon and in this, "Naush" for Soohan... a portmanteau of naughty + fish basically. Taeyul's slightly better than Mookyul tho minus the occasional yandere tendencies, coz Mookyul has no self-control for like 100% of the time.  The art's reminiscent of the old-school yaoi character drawings, with a lotta chibi panels as an excuse for being lazy. I still love it regardless who cares if the art's basic with little to no background? The only part I hate about this manhwa was the one where Soohan pulled that stupid "break up for the sake of bla bla bla" crap, this type of shit happens so often it even caused Taeyul to go crazy for a period of time, that damn behavioural change made his charisma points drop seriously! 

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