Woof Wolf

Ch: 61
2020 - 2022
3.928 out of 5 from 309 votes
Rank #6,099
Woof Wolf

Min-woo and Jae-min have been eyeing one another across the classroom for ages, but so far they’ve only gotten hot and steamy together in their imaginations. Just as the sexual tension reaches a boiling point, Jae-min makes a shocking discovery: Min-woo is a werewolf! And this only excites him more! Will Min-woo be a good pup and make Jae-min howl in bed? The fangs and claws will surely come out this semester!

Source: Lezhin

Includes 6 extra chapters.

Content Warning

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POWER BOTTOM AND SWEET SEME*WHOM WEARS LINGERIE 🥺* The art style is chef kiss 😍 and the Seme is so frigging adorable and actually respects the Uke. Every character is highly attractive which is such a blessing. The story was decent tho the Uke is a bit of a selfish a hole for a while and in denial of feelings due to his past but him being a power bottom was done well. Seeing the seme wear lingerie was such a new sight 😍. I loved the smol jealousy moments because it pushes them to not run from their feelings. There wasn't too much drama just 1 annoying a hole but it didn't stretch on long overall it was a very steamy and cute read. Tho, the ending gave us good on our main couple it totally just left us hanging with the two potential side couples and I was hoping to see them :((  Overall I'd recommend to read :)) **SPOILER/RANT** HOLY HELL IM SO TIRED OF UKES ACKNOWLEDGING THE DUMBASS EXES THAT RUINED THEM AND THEN THIS ONE ALMOST HAD SEX WITH THE EX TO KEEP HIS BF WOLF SECRET INSTEAD OF COMMUNICATING HE WAS WILLING TO CHEAT SO HE DIDNT GET HURT BUT CHEATING WOULDVE HURT WAY WORSE BUT THEN HE ALSO SAID WHAT HE SAID TO OUR SEME AND I WANTED UKE TO HURT A LIL MORE BEFORE BEING FORGIVEN. What he said was just not necessary and just annoying tbh 🙄 but it's such a classic bl troupe with the damn exes coming in and ruining shit AGAIN. The silver hair guys wanting Seme was very nice and kind of would've preferred because the art style had them looking good together xD. 

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