Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Alt title: Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Vol: 16; Ch: 58
2011 - 2016
3.934 out of 5 from 1,891 votes
Rank #6,056
Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Fed up with her friends’ constant bragging about their boyfriends, high school student Erika Shinohara decides to make up one of her own. When her lie starts unraveling at the seams, her charming schoolmate Kyoya Sata agrees to be her pretend boyfriend, seemingly saving her reputation. She won’t get off that easy, however, as she soon discovers her white knight is actually a blackhearted prince! Now Erika must be at his beck and call or risk her lie being exposed. But is Kyoya really as blackhearted as he seems?

Source: VIZ Media

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*WITHOUT SPOILERS* reviewI will divide it in 4 aspects1. Drawing: The drawing was very nice although not out of the ordinary, in some pages there are some nice landscapes for the eye.The characters are attractive (literally ALL of them) which makes it a little bit not believable but it can happen.... I guess 2. Story (novel and entertaining): The beginning of this story was a bit strange, let's just say, pretending to have a boyfriend is already common in many stories, how they developed it made it a very enjoyable and quick read.The story would boil down to the life of an ordinary student who, as the chapters go by, her life begins to fill up with drama and adventure.The romance itself, at first I didn't like it at all, it was tedious to see how Kyouya (I'll talk about him later) hurt. To the protagonist with his words, toxicity, in short.I liked that we can see the aspirations and desires of most characters and not just the main characters. 3. Character development (bad-good): Erika: She is the main character, a very cheerful, empathetic and kind girl, Although I didn't like how she let herself get hurt by her "boyfriend", she had a development, she started to mature little by little, until she became a person with more personality.Kyouya: This character started out as a rube, manipulative, controlling, let's say all the bad stuff.BUT, unlike other characters, this one does give a change, from being a person disinterested in others, he ends up being someone kind and considerate (qualities that were deep inside him). 4. Use of clichés: Were there clichés? Many, but they didn't bother me too much, remember it's a romantic comedy. Conclusion:If you want to laugh it's fine, so little is so much.Final Score: 6/10 Extra:WARNING!!!!!!What I will say below has spoilers.Read at your own risk~ If there are people who are going through what is called "the decision of a lifetime" regarding what to study for their future, this manga deals with this issue and truth be told, it exceeded my expectations.We can see Erika, first undecided on what to study,After a long time, she decides and although her mother does not agree, she studies what she wants because she likes it.We also see our characters in their final stage of study, there's even a dance and everything.I'm not convincing you to read it since this is almost the end of the manga, but if you're up for it, read it. <div id="gtx-trans" style="position: absolute; left: -48px; top: 604px;"> </div>

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