Witch Buster

Vol: 21+; Ch: 197+
2006 - ?
4.203 out of 5 from 1,140 votes
Rank #1,817
Witch Buster

Fourteen years ago, the witches of the world waged war against humans and due to their immense power, many countries fell under their control. In order to combat this threat, the unharmed nations formed an organisation consisting of humans with special abilities known as the "Witch Hunters". Tasha Gospel is one such witch hunter who, under the codename Magic Bullet Marksman travels the land with his pumpkin-faced supporter, Halloween, taking on missions to defeat witches and earn his income. However, what Tasha really aims for is to locate his sister, Aria, who has been corrupted by the power of a magical hat and is now known as the Red Witch. But will he be able to take back his sister from the ones who stole her in the first place, and can he do it before the curse Aria cast several years ago kills him?

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Icemer's avatar
Icemer Oct 3, 2011
Score 9.5/10

Witch hunter has really interesting character! Each of them has his own uniqe abilities! Although author created a really interesting magical world with a lot of interesting creatures. Also made a really great job on the interactions between characters? world and it's objects. read more

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TheIceQueen Mar 6, 2016
Score 7.9/10

Ah, Witch Hunter, this is the manga/manhwa that deserves an anime the most of any i've ever read. i'm gonna keep this short for now but i'll probably elaborate more later. Story: So basically it's about witches who are trying to take over the world and witch hunters who are trying to stop them. now there are plenty of great twists and turns to keep you interested. I love how it dosn't stick to the... read more



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