Vol: 4; Ch: 23
1995 - 1998
3.897 out of 5 from 819 votes
Rank #4,952

Shuichiro Kudo is a man who has everything he wants from life: a job as successful doctor and his own home. However one evening he finds a tiny angel trapped on a branch and frees him. The angel, named Kohaku, offers Shuichiro a wish in return for saving him, but Shuichiro wants nothing. Kohaku however, is determined that there has to be a wish Shuichiro cannot grant by himself and follows him home. Kohaku reveals that he has left heaven to locate another angel, Hisui who has abandoned heaven, but a devil and his two catty servants constantly hinder Kohaku's search! Will Kohaku find Hisui and will Shuichiro realize that some wishes can only be granted by others?

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