Wise Man’s Grandchild SS

Alt title: Kenja no Mago SS

Vol: 3; Ch: 33
2019 - 2021
3.653 out of 5 from 32 votes
Rank #19,119
Wise Man’s Grandchild SS

A collection of short stories of the "Sage's Grandson" has been made into a comic! Providing a glimpse into the daily life of "Sage's Grandson," such as an unknown anecdote of Shin as a child, girls discussing the Ultimate Magician, and an episode of infiltrating the women's locker room!

Source: MU

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Story:  12 points There is no significant plot to Wise Man’s Grandchild SS as it is quite episodic. It is more like a collection of adventures that "lewdly" happen along the way of the plot of the anime. I cannot compare it to the light novels or manga since I have not read either. If there is a key focal point in the non-existing, missing over-arching plot, it would have to be the somewhat strengthening of Shin and Sicily’s relationship, except with significantly more ecchi elements from its anime counterpart. However, characters like Aug and all the other ladies of the series get a chapter or two dedicated to the evident lewdness of their relationships and/or desired relationships. Characters lie Granny are not excluded from this either, as it is made quite clear in just the second chapter. Additionally, within the first few chapters, perversion is much more prevalent in this slight spin-off from the main light novels. Besides Granny in chapter two, the locker scene in the following chapter and the bath scene in chapter five are just the tip of the iceberg. However, albeit plotless, the episodic and perverse feel of the manga is somewhat its appeal, and because this is only 33 chapters in total length, it does not get overly worn out or old by the time you come to the last chapter. Any longer could have been a problem though. Art:  16 points Like a more traditional manga, Wise Man’s Grandchild SS is done in grayscale. With that being said, the quality of the art is actually better and more details on some level than its anime counterpart. The backgrounds are adequate, but the characters are both quite nicely and often in a sexy, if not wanton manner sometimes. Characters:  12 points While trying to avoid comparing the characters in Wise Man’s Grandchild SS from their anime counterparts, here are some key points to take away from this version of the characters: Shin:  An unintentional pervert who happens to be clueless at times Sicily:  It's quite amazing how her bust has noticeably increased Aug:  The mischievous setup man to getting Shin in perverted trouble Elizabeth:  We get more of her in this literary work, finding out that she’s not a prissy, but she sure is wealthy Catherine:  The “pope” who happens to be off key in her expected responsibilities as a religious figurehead and advocate of morality Sicily and Shin's relationship is somewhat closer and more intimate, but still just awkward. Some of their less awkward and/or perverse moments can be surprising charming. Outside of Shin and Aug, the other male characters of the series are almost nonexistent, allowing the reader to focus primarily on the female characters. Good, bad, or indifferent, it is clear who the target audience is in this spin-off series. Lastly, the boyfriend-less quartet of Alice, Lynn, Maria, and Miranda have moments of craziness and hilarity, either together, in separate various groups, or even individually. Take these select character points above and do a comparison should you watch the anime and/or read the light novels or manga. Overall:  54 points It is a fun little spin-off manga that fulfilled some short-term reading entertainment. However, it is nothing out of this world, nor is it something that should be read unless you have read either the light novels, manga, or watched the anime prior. Otherwise, it just is not going to make much sense of what the heck is going on it. Entertainment Score:  14 points Age Rating:  R-14+ (there's no complete nudity, but definite sexualization and lewd behavior is prevelent in almost every chapter) Additional information: Manga Source:  Online

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