Wise Man’s Grandchild

Alt title: Kenja no Mago

Vol: 22+; Ch: 78+
2016 - ?
3.955 out of 5 from 2,150 votes
Rank #5,006
Wise Man’s Grandchild

When a powerful wizard and sage, who has saved the world from calamity many times, comes upon a baby whom they adopt and name Shin. The baby is actually a man from our world reincarnated into their world. The sage raises Shin, separated from the rest of society, and teaches him in the ways of magic. It is only when Shin turns 15 years old and sets out on his own journey that the sage remembers that he forgot to teach Shin the common sense and ways of this particular world. And so, Shin goes the capital of the Alsheid Kingdom to enroll in the capital's magic academy.

Source: ANN

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Ah, yes ... Where to start with this one ... It's been a while since I've written a review. With this Manga, however, I can't help but feel the urge to express my dissatisfaction. More on that later. Plot: The premise is as basic as it gets. Truck-sama express delivers another character straight into another world where he gets insanely overpowered due to his knowledge of our world. Standard isekai setting. The nice gimmick that tries to stand out this time: An actual reason for being overpowered. As it happens, the newborn isekai protagonist is found in the remnants of what seems to be a robbery with no witnesses left behind (except the newborn) - but found by none other than the retired hero of this world. Raised and taught by his adoptive grandfather and his divorced ex-wife and ex-co-hero, with equally insane magic powers, he has all the resources he needs to learn magic as no one could ever dream of. His knowledge of our world isn't of Dr Stone level, but very basic and believable. But to know of chemical procedures and molecular structures is helping him greatly. Fire magic works better when you understand what fire actually is. So far, so interesting. Alas, it's all downhill from there. The plot doesn't know where to go with this. Stupidly overpowered protagonists tend to grow boring as one realizes that nothing poses a threat. Despite his missing common sense that his grand father is pictured to have forgotten to teach him, he gets along astonishingly well with everyone. He's a Mary sue - and a contagious one at that. His friends soon get overpowered too, just enough to face the threat of the devils. Those devils are insanely powerful hate driven creatures born out of humans getting ... Too hateful,  I guess. The manga meanderes through its plot, but gets even less compelling with every chapter. The story is missing a natural flow, and even more than that: characters. Characters This is a biggie. Because there are no characters, not a single one, that is more than a cardboard cutout stand in. All tropes, no depth. A bunch of Mary Sues. The devils are getting somewhat of a background story when they are defeated. So that you can care about them in retrospect? Not a convincing sorry telling device, I must say. Art Pretty good and what has drawn me to this manga in the first place. Overall A big disappointment and a waste of time. I'm dropping this manga as of chapter 54. I have the distinct feeling that with just a bit of creativity and more talent for story telling, this manga would have been a great read. It wasn't, though.

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