Wild Times with a Fake Fake Princess (Light Novel)

Alt title: Mozou Oujo Soudouki: Fake Fake (Light Novel)

Vol: 3; Ch: 21
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Wild Times with a Fake Fake Princess (Light Novel)

Kyouhei is the kind of person to cherish every moment of his peaceful, ‘normal’ everyday life. Choose whichever synonym you like; he just wants a quiet life. However, with his dad being involved in some really shady businesses, his best friend being a wannabe rockstar, and his schoolmate Sanae... being Sanae, that’s easier said than done, but he does his best.One day, he ends up accidentally releasing a naked girl from a coffin, who has no idea what ‘normal’ means. Unfortunately for him, Kyouhei can kiss that peace and quiet goodbye.Now, on top of his dad’s lack of regard for anything approaching common sense or decency, his friend’s thirst for excitement, and his admirer’s... attention, Kyouhei has to deal with a (self-proclaimed) body double android of a princess from some European country?

Source: J-Novel Club

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