Whose Baby Is It?

Alt title: Nali Lai De Da Baby

Ch: 241+
2018 - ?
4.141 out of 5 from 795 votes
Rank #1,432
Whose Baby Is It?

Due to a mix up at an overseas fertility clinic, two different men believe themselves to be the father of 4 year-old Rourou, a child of prophecy who has foretelling dreams and can see things that other people do not. Budding actor Yi Yun has raised him from the day he was born and loves him wholeheartedly, while the man contesting his claim has DNA evidence and a matching birthmark identical to the one on Rourou's body. Both want custody of the boy and neither are willing to back down, but the solution to the problem might be much simpler than either man thinks. Instead of fighting over who gets to be Rourou's one and only father, wouldn't he be better off with two?

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