Who's Your Daddy?

Ch: 50
2020 - 2021
3.733 out of 5 from 1,193 votes
Rank #16,570
Who's Your Daddy?

Louis, a captain of the 2nd Guard, has been on the hunt. A hunt for the serial killer who has thrown the capital into a state of chaos for months. Having run himself ragged attempting to come up with a suspect, he ends up in the hospital. What was thought to be a simple case of being overworked, has turned out to be something else. Louis is four months pregnant. But that could only happen if a man is impregnated by one with strong royal ancestry. Four months ago was the date of the imperial ball and also when these murders started happening… But Louis can’t remember a thing… Who is behind these murders and just who the hell did he spend the night with the night of the ball?

Source: Lezhin

Includes 3 extra chapters.

Content Warning

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When reading the synopsis, you might think you’re getting an enjoyable and entertaining BL romance about a knight trying to find who the father of his unborn child is (with a side murder mystery thrown in). Do not read if this is what you are hoping for, because instead you will get this: Main Character: -Beyond dense. How he became the criminal investigation leader is the true mystery that needs to be solved. -Favorite sentence instead of properly communicating was to just helplessly say “it’s not like that” -Swooned over the ML’s toxic behavior thinking it was sweet and pampering + Male Lead: -repeatedly sexually assaulted/raped MC -repeatedly blackmailed MC to spend time and have sex with him by refusing to aid the serial murder investigation unless MC complied. -imprisoned the MC for several days so he wouldn’t run away (literally put prison bars in place of a bedroom door, to which the MC seemed relatively unconcerned because, hey, at least it was a nice room and people were bringing him food) -knew who the killer was from the beginning because he knew several clues that pointed very obviously toward the villain and decided not to share this with the investigators. Apparently unconcerned that several others got murdered in the meantime. + Chronic miscommunication by both characters. + Poorly executed villain plot line = Toxic mess of a story Only read if you are fine with that. I couldn’t even enjoy the sex scenes because of how repellent the male lead was. As to how I finished this story, I kept thinking to myself that surely these behaviors could not last the whole story (and I felt I had already come too far to give up now)! Silly me... they did. Learn from my mistakes!


Basically it's about knights commander Louis getting preggers who's also on a double mission to investigate a serial killer that kills people who fit Louis's description with the other secretive mission being to find his baby daddy. The list of potential daddies just keep increasing but we all know very well who the actual daddy is. Hint: The missing wigs were all stolen by this man.  The "who's the dad" aspect was made obvious so there's nothing special about it, perhaps the only part that holds the reader's intrigue is the serial murder case? Even if I sorta knew how this shit will unfold sooner or later, I just hope the prince isn't the one plotting it just to keep Louis close, coz if it is he has failed not just as a human being with blue boood flowing in him, but as a FATHER as well. Knowing you're a royal that's capable of impregnating men he goes around inserting his dong into a pregnant man! God I'm genuinely concerned for the baby they be like what's this circular thing poking at my four-months bum??? For the sake of the baby's well-being just stop with the aggressive diccu man.... I beseech thee One last thing that bothers me was how calm Louis looked after he was forced into sex after that tea session, you've just been raped and immediately after that you start talking about business like it's nothing. Sweet lord he is not fazed by anything at all just bcoz his rapist is a "prince".  Who's your daddy? I'm your daddy!  Unborn baby *whispers* no you're not I only need the daddy that carries me in his gold fish belly🐇🐟

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