Who Made Me a Princess

Alt title: Suddenly Became A Princess One Day


Story Role/Play Isekaiby LilyNoel

Formula: MC is born into/reincarnates into a fantasy world, usually one they've previously interacted with (usually in their past life). This must be a character that already existed in the world (I.E.: These people actually have...

Best Females Travelling to Another Universe Part 1by Jxnny1Mc

All mangas listed are with a female perspective and about them being pulled into another world due to an accident or by force because of a villain. As you read, you can see how the character adapts into there new life and how...

Official English Translations on TappyToonby Grizz

This is a complete list of every comic and webtoon officially and legally translated and released in English on TappyToon.com. These are either incomplete, ongoing or fully released in English.