Who Invited You?

Alt title: Uri Jip-e Wae Wassni

Vol: 5; Ch: 69
2016 - 2017
4.389 out of 5 from 232 votes
Rank #795
Who Invited You?

Jade is told that her childhood friend from China is going to stay at her house. Yet, the grown man who arrives at her door is no longer the sweet boy from her distant memories, rather far from it. As she struggles to re-adjust to their new life together, will she rediscover her childhood crush or simply kick him to the curb?

Source: Spottoon

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Story "Who Invited You?" was very entertaining! I read the whole story in one setting because it was that good. Not only did it make me laugh like an idiot half the time, I also giggled and cried with certain moments. The plot follows the story of Jade, a very independent woman who is to host an old childhood friend from China. I think the fact that the main characters have different cultural backgrounds, languages, and personalities is what makes this story very unique. The author was able to depict the expected struggles with grace and jest which made for a very fun read. The characters compliment each other well and stayed true to themselves throughout the story. The pace was excellent as the relationship developed at an appropriate speed making the plot even better. Without spoiling anything I would like to say the ending was very satisfying and the bonus chapters were great. Art I loved the character designs, the landscapes (those willow trees were beautiful!), and the color schemes used. Characters changed to the mood of certain scenes which complimented well the story. I absolutely love this webtoon! Characters Both main characters have different personalities but strong ones nonetheless. I related to Jade a lot myself as a working woman who leaves household tasks in the back burner next to her job. She is super funny too. Willow is much easy going and observant but his good points are clear from the start. This is the perfect guy (in my bias opinion) that any woman would die to have. Both of them complimented well and their personalities made for a great story. Secondary characters were fun too. This story does not necessarily have a “villain” per say so you really get to focus on events rather than the typical conflicts with good vs bad. Overall My hope is that a lot more people get to read this story and enjoy it as much as I did. This is not a boring romantic story, this is the type of story that will lift your spirit, give you a good laugh and that will make you believe in pure love again 😊 I absolutely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good light-hearted love story.

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