Whispered Words

Alt title: Sasameki Koto

Vol: 9; Ch: 53
2007 - 2011
4.428 out of 5 from 535 votes
Rank #1,579
Whispered Words

Shy, athletic Sumika is in love with her bubbly friend Ushio. However, Ushio is outwardly attracted to cute girls, something she never calls her friend-turned-admirer. Keeping her tender feelings a secret from the one she loves, Sumika continues to be Ushio’s confidante and companion, hoping that someday she can say how she feels. Whether it’s having a first kiss, cooking a meal or confiding in each other, Sumika, Ushio, Tomoe and their friends will experience the everyday joys of a quiet school life and touching romance together.

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This is a weird one... In the beginning it had the makings of a perfect GL story and up until around midway through it was totally on the right track but then it took a hard turn to Angst-Town and the pace got incredibly slow which made sure we had an incredibly prolonged stay there. It was so agonizing, in fact, that I would not recommend binge reading this one. I made that mistake and my brain was overloaded with the aforementioned angst. The frustrating thing is that the angst wasn't even the worse part about it even though it could be excrutiating at times. That unfortunate dishonor goes to the last few chapters and how rushed/haphazard/disjointed they felt. It seems the author subjected the readers to every bit of the incredibly huge amount of angst in here and did not give us the catharsis that should have made it okay for us to put up with it because of the pay-off which was incredibly rushed and it seems all the feel-good moments that should have followed were skimmed through in a flash. It did not feel satisfactory enough at all. That is a huge shame because the characters here are some of the best fleshed out I've ever seen. They're all so likable and unique. They deserved a better portrayal of their stories. I don't know what happened; whether it was an issue with  the manga being cancelled or the author lost inspiration or what but the really good comedy in the earlier chapters was completely lost on the way and angst was pretty much the only thing left and by the end everything felt so rushed. If the few chapters towards the end were better handled, it would still be a 10/10 even with all the aaaaaaaangst but as it stands I can't rate it that high because it dropped the ball when it came to that and left me feeling incredibly frustrated with thoughts of how good it could have been. That said, I still recommend it.

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