Where the Dragon's Rain Falls

Alt title: Yong-i Bileul Naelineun Nala

Ch: 180
2017 - 2022
3.861 out of 5 from 197 votes
Rank #9,348
Where the Dragon's Rain Falls

According to legend, a nation in which a dragon appears is destined for prosperity. Finally a new dragon is born in the desert-covered empire Rahan, but...as a fragile young boy! Until the boy comes of age, the crown prince orders him hidden away in the depths of the palace. But one night, Suu, a lowly palace servant hoping to run away with his dear Nadan, stumbles upon an unexpected mystery… And so begins their tale of love, obsession... and desire.

Source: TappyToon

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This manhwa has a storyline that seems like it'll go on forever coz it's the type that takes many chapters to explore the characters to reach a turning point. It's from the same author who also created "the eyes of sora" so expect dem characters to be slightly violent and bitch-slapping people when they felt like it without batting an eye.  Ok so this place Rahan and its citizens all long for the dragon's rain which rarely happen in their dry land, aside from the royals within that country coveting for the throne the very one wish they all desire is said rain. The one who can make such things happen is Saharah the dragon who currently takes the form of a young boy, he's hidden away by Hwaryun the crown prince and they both managed to deceive Suu a freeman slave into being Saharah's nanny & human livestock whilst assuming other identities, at the same time also fighting the noble consort whom Suu is affiliated with for the throne. To simplify things it's a fantasy royal battle involving betrayals and lies and fake acting and poison looped in repeat.  Here's the characters:  Hwaryun/Suryeon/Jin- The current crown prince who's next in line to the throne bcoz the other princes are dead, has healing power, two dead wives (shitty husband), and a punchable poker face. To survive at the palace when he was younger he had to have high ambitions in order to beat the the other annoying princes. He hates Saharah (and vice versa) and all in all is a difficult-to-decipher being.  Suu- A foreign former slave who now works as a nanny to Saharah and a.... quasi-mistress to the two men somehow? Poor lad just wanted to run away from Rahan with his unrequited love Nadan, but that's not possible now since Nadan is ugh.... you guess it. Also surprisingly ballsy, I remember him hitting a servant one time, that violent tendency was sorta established in his character from that point on, since he's merging with Saharah and all. Despite looking innocently delicate Suu is capable of disloyalty, schemes, selfishness, segs, getting injured, bitch-slapping, any plausible thing you can imagine:). Yet he still lives up to being the most interesting out of the trio. Reason being him interrupting the natural course between Hwaryun & Saharah. Saharah- Heaven incarnate or dragon or whatever. Appeared as a young boy for the most part tho his adult form will also emerge occasionally for fanservice;). Suu is his sustenance but he couldn't kill him completely since he planned on them becoming one. Likes licking, biting, and hugging Suu, a literal man child at heart:). Has immeasurable power, extent unknown, he can make rain falls, control people, eat people alive, they're just unable to be used on Hwaryun so is the other way around. In season 3 there'll be a full grown Saharah waiting for y'all.       There are more characters but just know that when you're dead focus on these 3, the other secondary/side characters ultimately get cast as expendables for these three's plot armour.       

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