When the Evil Girl Loves

Alt title: Angnyeoga Saranghal Ttae

Ch: 30+
2020 - ?
4.47 out of 5 from 368 votes
Rank #368
When the Evil Girl Loves

I’ve transmigrated into the body of the terminally ill, villainous princess of a novel. It’s okay, though, I can cure this illness and live a life where I can do whatever I want! First, I want to meet all of my favorite characters from the novel in person! But, because I am a villainess, people around me tend to be wary… “You will die soon, and yet… how can you laugh like that?” Well, it’s ‘cus I’m super hot.

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The art is good but the execution of the story not so much. We have the mc constantly reminding us about how crazy the ml is and some times I feel like the tone of the story is a bit light (partnered with the color). Considering that she is trapped with a body that is in the way of said prince's succession to the throne, she should worry that he might still come for her throat even if she cut ties with the empirial family cuz he's described to be that dude who will eliminate everything that is close to things that he thinks belongs to him. But one thing that this story did well was making me feel genuinly sad for someone, and it's not the mc, it's the og princess. Everyone can be hit by a meteor and die especially the emperor, I don't like whatever he is trying to pull just to make sure he doesn't reget anything, HE.  I could go in to more detail about that- here's why. The princess has an incurable illness since the mc now possess the body she can overcome this once her soul and the og princess body fully becomes one because the soul is the one affected with this. So uppon assessing the situation the mc decides she has to get away from the prince, to do that she asks to renounce her claim to the throne, and upon learning her illness the emperor decides to decline her request despite introspecting and agreeing that the mc might be better off to go away from something she deems as a painful place (the palace). Why? becaue he doesn't want to have regrets, about letting his daughter leave the palace with just the memory of being abandoned.  I'm like- I get you had your thing as the emperor (will actually be explained by his pov) but the girl literally just have a few years to live (if she was the og princess that is), so why lock her down when she clearly asks for freedom for what remains of her life span. A mere one year in the palace won't erase her painful memories, and the emperor himself said that it was hard for him to open up to his daughter, so why?  Just let the girl live in peace, don't waste more of her limited time. 

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