When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom

Alt title: Sakura no Hana ga Saku Koro ni

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2016 - 2017
3.711 out of 5 from 18 votes
Rank #16,717
When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom

Professor Kaoru Usami is stuck in his past, unable to move on after his beloved Professor Katsuragi passed away. Even on campus, people see him as cold and unfriendly. But, one day, his top student Takumi Nanase says he'd like to work for Kaoru...!! Takumi's unabashed affection opens Kaoru up, but he sees so much of his old crush in Takumi that he doesn't know what to do. There was a reason Takumi wanted the job, though... What will happen to these two as they intertwine like the roots of the cherry blossom tree?

Source: Renta!

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