When Shin Needs Cheese

Ch: 58
2016 - 2017
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When Shin Needs Cheese

The gods sent a race of super-powered beings known as "spes" to aid humanity and bring hope to the world; but when people begin to abuse spes and their powers, the beings once believed to be saviors soon come to be feared and loathed, seen as a problem for society. Many are abandoned, as fast-food worker Ryu Shin learns when he encounters a homeless spes child stealing a cheeseburger. His hatred of the species is overcome by compassion when he learns the helpless boy seems to have no powers at all to defend himself with. Shin takes him home and begins caring for him, naming him "Cheese" and telling him that he doesn't need to be anything but an ordinary kid. When Cheese learns that his new companion is being victimized by a spes, however, he is determined to grow stronger so he can protect Shin.

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