When I Stopped Being Your Shadow (Novel)

Ch: 122
2022 - 2023
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When I Stopped Being Your Shadow (Novel)

He was the hand of God, the painter of the century. My husband became the best artist in the empire. And I was his shadow. Even when my work went viral under my husband’s name, even when people spoke ill of me behind my back. It was still good. Because I loved my husband. But on our wedding anniversary. “You are the only person I truly love.” I witnessed my husband whispering his love to my best friend. At the very moment when my husband saw me discovering his infidelity, his face contorted viciously and pushed me away. “Why are you raising your voice to your husband?!” I realized. I realized that that man had never loved me. So I decided to become the evil wife they spoke of.

Source: NU

Includes 10 extra chapters.

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