When I Loved You (Novel)

Vol: 2; Ch: 75
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When I Loved You (Novel)

Drowning in work as an emergency medical specialist at S Hospital, Yoon Yiyoung hadn’t the chance to taste the sweetness of dating. Out of the blue, her friend recommended her to a blind date and introduced Yoon Yiyoung to a man who once lived in her past. He was Cha Muyeol, the director of S Group Shareholding and S Group Medical. They once had a relationship at the time of their youth when they dared to dream big. Time had passed since then and they hadn’t seen each other for 13 years and now he’s dropping ludicrous suggestions to fulfill the promise they once made. “Cancel it.” “What? The blind date?” “Yes.” “No way. I’ve to meet him soon.” “It’s better to cancel it. There’s someone else interested in you.” “Who?” “Me, of course. I’m fulfilling our promise. Marry me, Yoon Yiyoung.”

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