When Did I Become Unbeatable?

Alt title: Wo Shenme Shihou Wudile

Ch: 148+
2021 - ?
4.009 out of 5 from 364 votes
Rank #3,242
When Did I Become Unbeatable?

(Overpowered + Comedy + Godlike) He had always thought he was just a commoner. He never knew that he had a bunch of heavenly items stored at home. Even the chicken he rears was a phoenix! He had lived as a commoner in town for five years before the system allowed him to interact with cultivators. That was when he realized—the cultivators would collapse in fear when they saw him, regardless of how powerful they were. They would even start kneeling before him… This book is incredibly random and the style is peculiar. There'll be a surprise at the end!

Source: Bilibili Comics

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