When a Yakuza Falls in Love (Novel)

Alt title: Yakuza-ga Sarangeul Handamyeon (Novel)

Vol: 3; Ch: 61
4.236 out of 5 from 43 votes
Rank #4,574
When a Yakuza Falls in Love (Novel)

Dreaming of a great gay life, Minjoon came to study in Japan. After being swindled by his ex-lover of six months, Minjoon was ready to end his life but was suddenly surrounded by a group of black Benz cars. Toma, a small boy comes out of a car, running into Minjoon’s embrace whilst calling him “Mama!”. Due to Toma’s reluctance, Minjoon is dragged to the yakuza’s den where he meets the heartless and fatal Daiki, and thinks it’s better to just be killed after seeing Daiki’s gaze but... This is a thrilling love story of the cold-blooded, and sexy yakuza boss, Daiki Jo, and Minjoon who was chosen to be “Mama” by Daiki’s son, Toma!

Source: NU

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