When a Yakuza Falls in Love

Alt title: Yakuza-ga Sarangeul Handamyeon

Ch: 60+
2020 - ?
4.418 out of 5 from 728 votes
Rank #1,576
When a Yakuza Falls in Love

Minjun came to Japan to study, dreaming of a great gay life. As soon as he was ready to die after being swindled by his ex-boyfriend for six months, a group of black Mercedes-Benz surrounded Minjun. Out of nowhere a little boy named Toma came out of one of the cars and ran towards Minjun calling him “Mama!”. Minjun, who was taken to the Yakuza den because of a Toma that didn’t want to let go of him, decides to die after being crushed once by the cruel and deadly Daiki.

Source: MU

Content Warning

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