Welcome to the Outcast's Restaurant!

Alt title: Tsuihou-sha Shokudou e Youkoso! Saikyou Paatii wo Tsuihou sa Reta Ryouri Hito (Lv. 99) Wa, Inaka de Nengan no Bouken-sha Shokudou wo Hirakimasu!

Vol: 4+; Ch: 26+
2019 - ?
4.01 out of 5 from 113 votes
Rank #9,680
Welcome to the Outcast's Restaurant!

Dennis is one of the most popular members of the Silverwing Battalion, the world's strongest party. So popular, in fact, that the party leader expels him from the group out of spite. Stripped of his home, Dennis decides to start life anew following his true calling—as a chef! His life as an adventurer might be over, but his new life as a cook is just beginning. He teams up with Atelier, a young girl who has been similarly exiled from her home, and opens up a restaurant for adventurers. He's finally able to live out his dream, but he'll need use of more than just his cooking skills to take care of his eclectic customers' problems!

Source: Kaiten Books

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So uhh unless this manga explodes in popularity and I get flamed by fanboys or something... I'd avoid this manga unless you like cheap and contrived tearjerker drama. That's all it is. There is no overarching plot just single chapters and the characters are forgettable two dimensional at best. Stuff like "oh I'm super proud of my self, but after going through a near death experience I've grown..." Which is ok, but it happens all in one chapter so it's super rushed and you don't feel any attachment to the character as a result. The plot is a 2 since it's just rushed single stories happening every chapter. The characters are a 2 since they get no time to get fleshed out and the main character never develops. MC just chills and does Gary Stu things while being hated on by generic cartoony villains. Always nice guys never hates others and always helps out. Never does anything wrong, etc. the usual of LN protagonists actually. The only remotely redeeming aspect about this manga is that it could've easily been an Isekai, but it chose not to be. It gets a pity 0.5 point in the overall for it. Otherwise it would've been a 2/10 overall easily. Art score is meh. It grabs your initial attention, but nothing breath taking and nothing strange or hard to read or look at. For reference I only got to read 4 chapters since that's all that was scanlated on the website I read this on. Overall 3/10 for near no plot, bad characters, but at least isn't an Isekai. It's OK entertainment at best, but it's just like how McDonalds is OK food at best.

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