Welcome to the Erotic Bookstore

Alt title: Momoiro Shoten e Youkoso

Vol: 2; Ch: 38
2006 - 2007
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Welcome to the Erotic Bookstore

Welcome to the erotic bookstore! Pull back the red curtain on a racy, raunchy romp through the humorous and occasionally moving daily workings of a used bookstore that doubles as an adult boutique~! Pon--author, artist, narrator, and manager extraordinaire, not to mention single and female--details her experiences working at a secondhand bookshop . . . with a twist! One day, out of the blue, the company president gets it into his head that his chain should carry adult goods! And from that day on, the heart of manhood is laid bare for Pon to see (sometimes literally)! From the grandpa who comes in one evening to buy himself a love doll to a newlywed who drops in to buy adult videos on pain of divorce from his porn-hating wife, the customers (and the staff!) make up a colorful revolving cast that promises you'll leave the store laughing. . . and maybe even a little turned on!

Source: Yen Press

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