Welcome to SMC

Alt title: SMC e Youkoso

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
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Welcome to SMC

The Seijo High School Manga Club, or SMC for short, is an exclusive group like no other. Its eclectic membership is famous schoolwide, with the brilliant president of the student council, the bubbly school idol, and the suave manga prodigy Kita Chitose. Captivated by Chitose's outstanding work, naive and awkward freshman Murakami Hibari transfers to Seijo, with the sole intent of joining the club and meeting this fascinating author. Hibari's unbridled enthusiasm—his greatest merit—wins over the renowned members, but how will he react to the secret, steamy happenings behind closed doors and the unusual relationship blossoming between himself and Chitose...? With as many twists and turns, ups and downs as a roller coaster, this is a tale of budding love and fiery youth, all while trying to just survive high school!

Source: DMG

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