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Alt title: Gong Zuo Zai Mao Ka Fei

Welcome to Cafe Schrödinger
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Jun 29, 2022

 (spoiler alert) 

''Welcome to Cafe Schrödinger'' is a Manhua about a girl overcoming her fears of animals, by working at a cat cafe, and also about an cat overcoming their fear of humans by also working at the cat cafe. 

Story 8/10
I love the way we can see the cats perspective and the way the author thinks and makes this story so lively, its funny and its calming like a slice of life, it has its sad moments as well or anxiouse moments, as in when Mimi the cat got outside the cafe by accident and couldnt find her way home. As a cat owner of an inside cat myself, this is something i fear too. 

Art 9/10
The art fits the story well, its comfy and the way they make it is relaxing but also inn a way the moments are perfect, like when they draw the owner of the Cafe you get like a silent moment, because she is like this Adult inn this Cafe the one that takes controll. Its hard to explain but once you read it you will get what i mean. 

Characters 8/10
The Characthers are so good, it gets rid of stereotype that cats are rude and wil scratch you, It also shows the different personality of all these cats and show what most of them has been through. 
We can also see how our Main characther overcomes her fear of cats, slowly and steadily. 

Overall 8.5/10
Its a really good manhua, So if you like cats or slice of life i can recomend this. 
The only thing about this manhua is that it ended to fast, we didnt really see the ending come. 
But regardless its still a good one. 

8/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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