Welcome Home

Alt title: Tadaima, Okaeri

Vol: 5+; Ch: 25+
2015 - ?
4.572 out of 5 from 602 votes
Rank #293
Welcome Home

Hiromu Fujiyoshi knew that the gentle omega Masaki was his destined mate from the moment he first laid eyes on him, and now that they are finally married, he refuses to allow anything to destroy their precious bond. Neither a judgmental society nor interfering family members have succeeded in tearing down the life they've built, and together they've created a happy family. Because of the discrimination in their old neighborhood, Hiromu and Masaki have just moved into a new home where they hope to give their little son Hikari the safe, warm environment he deserves. With kind friends new and old, this affectionate family fills their days with happiness and love.

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SPOILER FREE This is absolutely my favourite omegaverse manga I've ever read it's so heartwarming and doesing go to immediately the sexual contest ( moreover it's a shounen-ai omegaverse it's rare ) Story : The story is about a family of Misaki (A male omege), Hiromu (A male alpha) and their child hikari after moving out to a new neighbourhood and the story revolves around their daily life and them meeting different people. this manga is not about how did their love story it's story about love, friendship, accepting yourself, confidence and how the normal everyday life can be special in it's own way I really liked it. Art : actually the art is not really that amazing but it was pleasing to see and it was really smooth I think it really matched the atmosphere of the story (clean and bright) Charecters : The charecters are well made they are all so beautiful and non perfect they are all humans who have their flaws and problems but even after that they all tried their best to be better people and all of them mangaed to make attached to them and all of the charecters are relatable even tho it's an omegeverse manga but if you tried to think of the charecters it feels realistic.  Misaki worries, Hiromu Jealousy and love for his family , Yuuki lack of self-confidence and matsu hesitation all of that gives the charecters more depth and realistically. And surprisingly the manga has a proper storyline and the charecters aren't random and the characters develop as the story progresses and when you compare the first chapter with the latest chapters you'll see the changes that happened to the charecters and the environment the lived at. BTW I REALLY liked the main coupleand the secondery one they were all so cuute I was going KYAA~ all day ( if you understand what I meant ) Overall it's 10/10 so if you want a heartwarming family story with no overly drama I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ♡


Story:  Welcome to the omegaverse.  If you need a reminder of what this story is, just read the synop.  That's what I needed to read as well, and I finished reading the manga for this.  The general story is of a couple that is implied to have had hardships.  There are various arcs, such as the omega worrying about protecting a second child and even the approval of a influential family. The problem?  This is an aftermath.  Like how i feel about Cowboy Bebop, aftermath stuff is not always a good idea.  And in this case it shows how having the drama simply mentioned a backstory...  does not make it very... accessible.  There are cute aspects but many of the plot points don't feel like you can connect to them.  For example, the plot regarding the omega worrying about the "protection" of a possible omega child gets solved rather quickly.  And even when it's brought back with a different omega later, it gets solved equally quickly. There a cute things, but the story feels...  Like it was missing a chance to connect. Art: Not particularly sketchy and it's decent.  Didn't turn me off the story. Characters: This is where aftermath manga has the most problem.  The main couple has pretty much developed.  Even with implied problems, there's little drama to it.  Even with a cute child, you can't get away with the rather fast solutions.  I like the main couple enough and the kids are cute... But a lot of the side characters are kind of just there.  They sort of say they were in this drama and that's it.  Some are there more than others... and some other potential couples exist.  That's it. You can do a lot worse than this omegaverse.  But you can also do a lot better.

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