We Only Held Hands

Alt title: Uri Sonman Japgo Jayo

Ch: 87
2018 - 2019
3.651 out of 5 from 201 votes
Rank #21,783
We Only Held Hands

The Ki men can get pregnant if they fall asleep with a person while holding hands. Terry unwillingly saves Mike and passes out while holding hands. Is he pregnant?

Source: Toomics

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First off this BL really surprised me, y'know just from reading the synopsis alone I walked in expecting to see silly absurd shits but holy damn NO, it's silly, YET hilariously absurd that's also packed with a degree of seriousness when needs be. I was thoroughly entertained from the beginning to having a straight face at the end coz the last couple's story was a "I killed my own baby"-angst trip. So the Ki men lineage boasts the unusual ability to get mpreg after they reach the age of twenty, how you ask? From HOLDING HANDS with someone else whilst sleeping duh. The fetuses will appear in the form of a literal living seed inside the man's belly, and once they're squirted out they'll grace you with a thumbelina miracle sight. In rare cases, the other partner whom the Ki men held hands with will get pregnant instead of the Ki fellas themselves.  First couple: Mike X Terry, legit the very first story that had me ROFL... Terry was so furious at Mike for ruining his life just because he instinctively saved Mike from an accident which unintentionally led to a surprise pregnancy. Terry used this accident as an excuse to order Mike around like a servant and one thing after another they ended up living together at Terry's house with Mike still oblivious to the budding seedling inside his stomach. Yeah the roles were suddenly reversed and it did make Terry feel like a complete ass but all that aside they're the type to make up easily so y'all can only smile giddily reading this.  Second couple: Tony X Will, Tony's Terry's older bro who developed a strict aversion to marriage-related stuffs because his other rich dad walked out on them when he was younger so besides avoiding someone else's hands he absolutely CANNOT stand rich people. Will happened to be that rich fella who had a one-night stand with Tony still despite being a rich heir he can also do hard labour which already makes him stand out from other rich kids.  Third couple: Jake X Sean, Sean's Terry and Tony's cousin meaning he also has the Ki blood flowing in him. He works as a surrogate and had a traumatic past with his bud Jake back in high school. This one is a long & tedious read there's no ounce of comedy since the topic doesn't warrant any forced jokes. Sean is a single parent whilst Jake was that jerk in the past who came back repenting after knowing the truth bla bla. It also ended in a cliffhanger with the love triangle dude Kyle not getting a proper send off.   Oh btw their lips look like Kylie Jenner lip challenge fails.

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