Warlord: Sandstorm

Ch: 4
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Warlord: Sandstorm

An 8 year old child, along with his brother, managed to escape from the disasters of an army's merciless killings! His own past, how much could people possibly know? His own heart, who could possibly understand? These questions was the "revenge-mindset" that has lingered the brothers through extensive training to become insanely powerful in the martial-arts. Now, this same 8 year old child has grown into an adult and is now a King! He is the Leader of the Southern Barbarian Sect. He is known as the southern barbarian, SANDSTORM..!!

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This manga is a total waste of time, luckly it's short. However, If you want to read a revenge driven or action/martial arts story look to the recommendations here that are made for other similar manga. just move along. This one's not worth it.   The Story The story is the worst part of this horrible manhua. It is complete mess. There are multiple problems with it. From Minor cliche irritations like talking about different characters "power level" numbers and calling out their attacks before they do them. To more major issues like how flat and shallow the story is. It has been a long time since I have read an action story this boring... by chapter 3 I was looking at how much further I had to read to complete it and consoling myself with how short the story was and how the art was decent and was color for a change.  There were parts in the story that made little to no sense and there was no justification for why the characters did what they did or why the older brother of the main character assumed what he assumed. Things in this manhua often time just worked out the way they did for no reason what so ever. Any attempt at explination left only more questions that would never be answered. In summary, this is one of the worst stories if not the worst story I have ever read and reported on. Plus I did so without bias, meaning it deserved this score without any personal feelings attached to it that affected it's rating 0.5/10 that's all I can give it in this catagory. Sure there are other manga I had disliked more because of personal feelings but this just sucks period.  Art This stories art was the only thing that brought it's score out above a 1/10. If I'm being completely honest. The art was drawn well. The only real issue I have with the art is the way some of the bad guys are drawn but that is more due to personal distaste than anything else. The people who made this manhua obviously spent more time on the art than making the story or creating the characters. So although much of the content was tasteless and stupid. The art managed to up the manhua's overall score.   Characters: Who the hell came up with the main characters and group names? Sandstorm? Really? I gave the characters a slightly higher score than the story but this is mostly because the way a few of the characters are drawn for example, the main was drawn very well with the exception of his clothes... his clothes were extremely tacky and at the beginning I thought Elvis was the one fighting. The other reason it recieved a 1/10 instead of the lowest possible score like the story did is because of the relationship that develops between the main and the guy who is sopposed to be their enemy (according to the main's big brother anyway) while the relationship is flawed and the idea of blood brothers is gross (to me at least). It still made those two characters slightly deeper than the rest of the shallow meatheads in the manhua. Overall This manga left a lot of unanswered quiestions. However, it's so bad it's a relief they don't attempt to expand more and kept it short. In fact, I'd say it wasn't short enough. I wouldn't suggest this Manhua to anyone. Skip it. Trust me, it's not worth it.   - Daily Manga Marathon Club

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