Warlord: Sandstorm

Ch: 4
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Warlord: Sandstorm

An 8 year old child, along with his brother, managed to escape from the disasters of an army's merciless killings! His own past, how much could people possibly know? His own heart, who could possibly understand? These questions was the "revenge-mindset" that has lingered the brothers through extensive training to become insanely powerful in the martial-arts. Now, this same 8 year old child has grown into an adult and is now a King! He is the Leader of the Southern Barbarian Sect. He is known as the southern barbarian, SANDSTORM..!!

Source: MU

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casandra29 May 1, 2016
Score 3/10

This manga is a total waste of time, luckly it's short. However, If you want to read a revenge driven or action/martial arts story look to the recommendations here that are made for other similar manga. just move along. This one's not worth it.   The Story The story is the worst part of this horrible manhua. It is complete mess. There are multiple problems with it. From Minor cliche irritations... read more



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